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Lawn Maintenance Services in the Asheville Area

Eco-Friendly Lawn Care

Here at EcoLawns Unlimited, we provide our customers in the Asheville area with an array of lawn care and lawn maintenance services, and provide many of these services using eco-friendly methods. Some of these sustainable lawn care methods include battery-powered mowers and trimmers, tools, and leaf composting/re-purposing.  


If there's a service you need but is not shown below, give us a call, there's a good chance we can still tackle it! 


Did you know that like people, lawns need to be fed to stay healthy?  Luckily, lawns don't need as much as we do, but depending on your yard, it could need fertilizing up to 4 times per year.   NOW is the time to schedule a fertilizer service with us!  Also, go GREEN with us and ask about how YOU can help our planet by using 100% ORGANIC fertilizer!  


Mowing Services

We provide basic mowing, trimming, blowing.  Go green with us and ask us about our Asheville based eco-friendly mowing options!

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Weed prevention

Ask about our weed control services.  We will create a plan that works best for your lawn

Fertilizing/ Aeration/ Seeding

Feed your lawn with the nutrients it needs.  We'll be happy to set up a consultation or take a soil sample to see what your lawn needs the most!

Landscaping in Asheville

It's not all just about the grass.  Check out our page on Asheville landscaping to tell you about the other services we provide!  

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